Stained Glass Window Sketch, St. Stpehen's,Monona,WI
Cutting Faceted glass,St. Stephen's,Monona,WIThese four faceted stained glass panels were designed by Richard Caemmerer for St. Stephen's Lutheran Church. Installation was completed the fall of 2006. Stained glass windows begin with a colored sketch drawn to scale by the artist. Once the customer approves the sketch the crafting process can begin.

Layout of Faceted glass,St. Stephen's,Monona,WIThe sketch is used to make an enlarged drawing to fit the window dimensions. This drawing, or cartoon, is used to make the piece patterns to cut the slabs of glass as well as the layout pattern for the cut pieces.


Faceted Glass with Epoxy,St. Stephen's,Monona,WI

The straight cuts are made with a saw. Non-straight cuts are scored with a glasscutter and broken with a hammer. Hammers are also used to chip off facets of the glass to refract light. Epoxy is mixed and poured to encase the glass and form the frame of the panel. Each of these panels measures 52 inches wide by 40 1/2 inches high and weighs about 140 pounds.

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